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Who is a Real Estate Lawyer? 6 Benefits of Hiring One


by | Nov 1, 2021 | LATEST LAWS

Chances are everyone has heard about a real estate agent but not so much a real estate lawyer. Wait, there is a difference? The two couldn’t be any more separate. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s understand who a real estate lawyer is and what they do. A real estate attorney is a legal representative you hire to represent you during the real estate transaction. Apart from representing your interests, a real estate attorney can also take action on your behalf during the process. 

Real estate lawyers are not just advisors when it comes to the law, but a valuable resource too. Because they are well versed in real estate current markets, and they can use this knowledge to help clients make the best decision. Having a real estate lawyer is not the same as a real estate agent; by all means, you can have both, but the legal services of an attorney is more about protecting your interest rather than closing a sale. So, do you need to hire a real estate lawyer? The answer is, ‘Absolutely!’

The role of a real estate lawyer

We don’t expect you to be right away sold on hiring a real estate lawyer. So, let us convince you. Here are some things a real estate attorney can do for you.

1. Negotiate on your behalf


Lawyers spend half their careers arguing cases, so it comes as no surprise that real estate attorneys are great negotiators. A  Their negotiating expertise in this area allows them to capture a deal that best serves the interest of their client.  

2. Handle legalities of the transaction

Many if not all real estate transactions have legal aspects, which require the assistance of an attorney to go smoothly. There are legal papers in the property transactions that will require the expertise of a real property attorney. While the real estate agent takes care of paperwork and documents related to the transaction, they may need a lawyer to make legal arrangements. 

3. Review all documents related to the transaction


Your attorney’s work is to monitor the documents of any legal risk and offer counsel best for your interest. Besides revising the agreements, a real estate attorney at Cowlitz Law Group can amend them to suit your needs. 

4. Interpret real estate laws

If you do not stay in the loop of real estate news, determining the rules and changes regarding purchasing and selling a property can be difficult. However, it is the real estate attorney’s job to know this, so rest assured they will elaborate on the laws and explain any regulations in the industry. 

5. Mediate real estate disputes

Real estate deals are stressful enough to handle without adding disputes that arise due to a lack of agreement among the involved parties. An experienced real estate lawyer has probably handled many disputes, so they know what to expect and how to navigate any tricky situation. They will not only come up with your defense but also perform litigation regarding the property transaction. 

6. Represent you at the closing


The closing of a sale or purchase is the highlight of the transaction. To ensure everything of the close goes smoothly, your Walla Walla real estate lawyer can stand on your behalf, representing your interests and ensuring the transfer of the property goes without a hitch. 

Wrapping Up

You tell us, is hiring a real estate lawyer worth it after all? As seen, the legal hats of real estate lawyers keep changing, so chances are, at some point, having them on retainer can be an excellent investment for you. Hiring a real estate lawyer can save you the headache of dealing with a stressful real estate deal. So why bear the burden of it all when you can hire our esteemed lawyers for a successful real estate transaction? Call us; we are here to help. 

By: Fatime Ghani

By: Fatime Ghani

Fatime Ghani is a word enthusiast that turned a passion into a profession having her hand in every jar from content to copywriting. Her writing bedrock is compelling, informative, and thought-triggering gist that reflects on society, business scope, travel diaries, and legal world… On her lazy days, she enjoys a calm day at the beach with poetry works of Warsan Shire and Yrsa Daley Ward.

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