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When Should I Hire a Lawyer? 5 Legal Situations


by | Oct 27, 2021 | LATEST LAWS

Let’s be honest- no one looks forward to hiring a lawyer. To some extent, there are people overlook retaining a lawyer because they are not involved in any criminal case. However, contrary to the assumption, criminal charges are not the only instances needing legal counsel. Now, let’s look at why hiring an attorney would be in your best interest.  

You’ve probably heard of clients choosing to represent themselves (yes, it happens); this is usually a bad move on the client’s part. Without the skills and knowledge in the legal field, it can be hard to maneuver through legal situations properly. Think about hiring a lawyer as an investment in your legal outcome. And having a qualified lawyer providing the legal services you need will make the proceedings twice as easier than handling them alone. 

5 Instances You May Need to Hire a Lawyer 

If you are ever unsure about whether your case needs help from a legal representative. Here are situations when you might need legal counsel. 

1. Involved in Family disputes and Divorce proceedings


Family is complicated, and so are family matters, and while disputes between members are resolvable within the unit, it is not always the case. Take divorce, for instance, even the most amicable of divorces can take a turn for the worst without the assistance of an attorney. Having a lawyer to oversee the distribution of assets and custody of children can help avoid conflict between both parties. The divorce lawyer can facilitate the divorce decree, including custodial arrangements, visitation rights, spousal support, and child support collection. 

2. When one launches a business

Starting a business is much more than acquiring funds and executing your business plan; there is a legal aspect that an attorney needs to organize. A lawyer can handle several legal issues, including but not limited to taxation, growth, and ownership issues. They can also draft legal documents, prepare contracts among partners and employees, and offer legal counsel on such matters.  

3. Involvement in personal injury or malpractice

At Cowlitz Law Group, the cases we handle go beyond crime. Civil matters like medical malpractices, personal injuries, and civil suits where one has been hurt or property damaged are handled by personal injury attorneys. These cases mostly come down to equity or money, and hiring an attorney can represent your interests with the other party and help you reach a fair settlement.  

4. When estate planning


Among the reasons why people hire lawyers, estate planning falls in the most common one. Planning your affairs for a time, you will not be around, can prevent family scrambles. Like what goes to who and how your asset distribution should be among beneficiaries. With a lawyer, you can make arrangements to provide for your family and loved ones by setting a trust and drafting a will. An estate planning attorney can get you through these proceedings and execute your wishes when the time comes.

5. When charged with a crime

The moment you are charged with a crime, the first thing you need to do is retain an attorney. When facing criminal charges, you want someone qualified in Criminal Law to work your case, which means hiring a lawyer. The lawyer will offer legal counsel during interrogations and advise you on your best outcome. Additionally, they represent you in a trial, and present the deal if provided by the prosecution. In the United States, one has the right to representation, and in case one cannot afford one, they are appointed a public defender. 

Final Word

Have you ever been at a crossroads about whether or not you need the services of a lawyer? We hope this article puts the confusion to rest, highlighting some of the instances where you will need the assistance of a lawyer. Call us; we are here to help. 


By: Fatime Ghani

By: Fatime Ghani

Fatime Ghani is a word enthusiast that turned a passion into a profession having her hand in every jar from content to copywriting. Her writing bedrock is compelling, informative, and thought-triggering gist that reflects on society, business scope, travel diaries, and legal world… On her lazy days, she enjoys a calm day at the beach with poetry works of Warsan Shire and Yrsa Daley Ward.

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