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What to Expect When Facing Abusive Litigation

What is abusive litigation all about?

  • Abusive litigation is something abusers of the opposing party in a domestic violence relationship are using to continue the abuse, to continue contact with the opposing party, and sometimes to impoverish the opposing party because of attorney’s fees of going to court and losing time from work.
  • The domestic violence order must not have been entered within the last year. As long as the domestic violence order was entered within the last five years, you still qualify under that basis.
  • Because the law states that litigation can include a motion that hasn’t been filed with the court. Even if he or she has not filed that with a court. You still are able to file a motion to stop abusive use of litigation.
  • You can file a motion to stop abuse abusive litigation. What may be considered abusive could also include subpoenas for information
  • You can actually file your own motion in response to the motion filed by your opposing party. You can even include it in your response.
  • You can also initiate your own motion if you’re concerned or afraid that your opposing party is going to file a motion or he or she has threatened you with one. You can start the action on your own, it’s free. The court does not charge you a filing fee so if you’ve just moved to King County and your former partner is threatening you in that way, you would contact the clerk to find out how to initiate the case, how to obtain a new cause number, it always appears on the first page of the document and it’s going to be in the right order.
  • There are declaration forms that you can use available for free from the court’s website,
  • Your former spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend applies not just to former spouses or former partners, if you’re over the age of 16, and you have someone you dated who was abusive towards you and causing domestic violence to happen, you may be able to file a motion to stop a piece of litigation.
By: MarkAdmin

By: MarkAdmin

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