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What Can An Experienced Immigration Lawyer Do For You? 5 Roles


by | Oct 29, 2021 | LATEST LAWS

Immigration law is a wide scope in Law that deals with an individual’s immigration status. People hoping to live, study, work, open businesses, and become citizens in foreign countries must go through legal red tape before getting approval. Immigration pathways can be complicated to navigate if you are not versed in immigration law.

The United States immigration laws have undergone a lot of changes over the years. As the presidency changes, these laws are updated, adjusted, and new ones drafted. U.S. immigration policies are hard to keep up with; however, you can retain an immigration attorney to interpret, mediate and advise you through immigration processes.

5 Responsibilities of Your Immigration Lawyer

Compared to other lawyers, immigration lawyers do not spend much time handling trial cases; however, they still play an important role. In many cases, these attorneys act as the bridge between clients and the authorities, mediating and representing their clients’ interests. Other than that, there are many other roles your immigration lawyer plays, some mentioned below.

1. Secure immigration status


Before one can come to the U.S. to study, work or live, there are legal matters related to immigration they have to deal with. For an individual to single-handedly go through these processes, it can be challenging, if not impossible; thus, you will need the help of an immigration attorney. A lawyer who works with these processes can help you secure students visas, get asylum, set up your business and even offer legal counsel on acquiring work visas.

2. Interpret the law

Immigration law is ever-changing, not to mention complicated. To go through the complex immigration processes, you need to understand terminologies and legal technicalities related to your case. Without knowledge of immigration law, the process will prove difficult and time-consuming. A lawyer from Cowlitz Law Group can break down the process to better understand the details and your rights.

3. Prepare paperwork on your behalf

Just because your immigration lawyer cannot be with you at state interviews does not mean they cannot help clear the path to get there. When applying for citizenship, visa, or a green card, getting prepped for interviews takes time, from sorting the files, organizing documents and preparing briefs and statements. An immigration lawyer can help, saving you hours of gathering documentation and preparing for tests and interviews.

4. Represent you in trial


Although they seldom appear in the trial, when their client is facing charges in immigration court, the lawyer will be with them at the hearing. This case applies to clients facing removal or deportation from the United States. Immigration lawyers will present and argue in court on the client’s behalf to help them find an avenue of relief in their case.

5. Ensure correct submission of documentation

Errors and mistakes in immigration applications can cause a lot of problems with government officials. Thus, your statements must be clear, forms correctly filled, and statements properly drafted; your legal fate depends on it. If there are many errors in your documents, it could be a red flag for U.S. government officials to deny your application. The lawyer’s role will be to go through every document to ensure everything is in place and all details are filled out correctly.

Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

There are many legal tangles in immigration law, and hiring an immigration lawyer can make it easier to go through the processes. An experienced lawyer knows the government’s expectations, which gives clients better preparation for applications. Not only that, an immigration lawyer can help you avoid inevitable delays and technicality hold-ups, which will make your process with immigration quicker and easier. Hiring an immigration attorney can be an asset to your legal situation; rather than taking on an entire load of complex immigration proceedings alone, you can find someone with a better understanding of immigration law. Contact us and retain a lawyer for your immigration needs.



By: Fatime Ghani

By: Fatime Ghani

Fatime Ghani is a word enthusiast that turned a passion into a profession having her hand in every jar from content to copywriting. Her writing bedrock is compelling, informative, and thought-triggering gist that reflects on society, business scope, travel diaries, and legal world… On her lazy days, she enjoys a calm day at the beach with poetry works of Warsan Shire and Yrsa Daley Ward.

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