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5 star rating

 “As a working mother of 3 I was terrified to go through a custody battle. I feel absolutely blessed to be able to have this group on my side. Not only were they advocating for my children but made an extra effort outside of the court room to make sure I thoroughly understood and agreed with every step we took. I needed a strong voice at a time when I did not have one. This group gave us the help and light we needed in such a scary and uncertain time.”

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K. C.

5 star rating

 “I now understand how a great attorney is so worth every penny you charge. I would have never been able to navigate this experience.  Just wanted to say thank you.”

M. S.

5 star rating

 “Thank you Karim and team. I am very grateful for your help and services this year!”

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G. M.

5 star rating

 “Excellent job on the will contest. I can’t believe how accurate you were. Many thanks to you and your firm!”

G. C.

5 star rating

 “They helped us with Mother’s estate. The process went smoothly and Karim Hamir was very good at getting back to us promptly. Would highly recommend it.”


A. G.

5 star rating

“I really appreciate you talking to me, this whole thing is very stressful so you made it a little easier to understand.“

A. M.

5 star rating

“I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you for successfully obtaining a settlement on my behalf. I appreciate so much your kindness and patience and graciousness, and understanding. you always treated me with dignity and understanding, you have my greatest admiration.”

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D. L.

5 star rating

“Karim is a trustworthy, ethical, hardworking individual and I am privileged to be able to work with him and learn from him each and everyday”

L. F.

5 star rating

“I’ve enjoyed working with Mr. Hamir, He has great integrity and character. he has treated all of our clients and staff with respect and has earned the trust of clients.”

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L. D.

5 star rating

“While Karim was practicing in Seattle, I was in contact with him on a weekly basis through either client referrals or personal advice to him regarding his immigration status in the United States. During that time, I’d been impressed by Karim’s professional demeanor.”

S. P.

5 star rating

“It has been my pleasure to have worked with Karim Hamir. Although we are adversaries in the criminal justice system, he has proven to be an industrious professional who has gained my respect. Working for the prosecutor’s office is a very challenging position. It requires managing a heavy caseload, as well as dealing with evil defense attorneys.”

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M. L.

5 star rating

“I was aware Mr. Hamir worked long hours, almost daily until late evenings, and then be back at his desk before I arrived the following morning. He worked most weekends, again often until late. He got along well with my staff and me.”

P. W.

5 star rating

“Karim was a prosecutor in our District Court Unit. His caseload of misdemeanors included handling bail hearings, arraignments, plea negotiations, pre-trial motions and trials. I personally observed Karim during two trials, as well as several times a week in other court maters. I found him to be a very capable and trustworthy prosecutor. He prosecuted his cases diligently and with little supervision.”

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G. L.

5 star rating

“It was nice meeting you. You are very professional. Thank you.”

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