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Research the Law Series – Credit and Financial Wellbeing

by | Mar 10, 2022 | Articles, Bankruptcy

Research the Law Series: Credit and Financial Wellbeing.If you’re just beginning to take an interest in your credit score or finances in general. This lesson will empower you with more resources to fully take charge of your financial well-being including plenty of information on improving your credit and also forms and helpful information about the courts.
Forms packets for legal processes are fillable online, so you can just type it in yourself and print.

NOLO and NCLC.For NOLO, there is a free access to everybody who’s a resident of King County with the log in name and password.
NOLO books are good for legal reference options. They have legal self-help books with specific forms and information.
NCLC is the National Consumer Law Center’s Digital Library. It is a little bit easier to use. NCLC contains companion materials like pleadings, discovery, mortgage services, etc.

Credit reports and Credit scores:
A credit report and credit score helsps the lender to make a decision about whether they should lend money, how much to charge and so on.

The credit report shows how much money a person pays bills, how much he owes and how long he has been using credit.FICO credit score and the Vantage score are the two scores that are most often used. Most lenders use the FICO score while Vantage score is mostly directed at Consumers.

The longer your credit history and report, the better for you as that will show that you have the ability to manage credit and the ability to weather different economic conditions.
It is not advisable to apply for unnecessary credit.

By: Cowlitz Group

By: Cowlitz Group

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