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If someone you love dearly dies, it can be a painful time for families. This is the most challenging period; it is usually full of anxiety and fear, so it is difficult to have such a discussion.
The estate of a deceased person will need to go through a formal procedure called probate to be distributed to the heirs. The process may be simple or complex based on the estate’s size and extent.

What is probate?

Probate is the legal process that occurs following the death of a person. When probate is completed, the deceased’s estate is divided among the heirs-at-law of their will or will if they have one, or to the state law if they didn’t possess the will.

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What Points can involve in probate?

The Probate can be a lengthy and difficult process. It usually requires determining if there’s a will, as well as who its beneficiaries will be, locating the deceased’s assets to pay any debts and taxes due, and then the distribution of the estate to beneficiaries.

We at Cowlitz Law Group and our experts, particularly in the area of wills, trust, estate planning & Probate Attorney, will assist you with the legal procedure. Discuss with you and give you a plan on how your loved one’s estate will be passed on under the terms of their Will, and describe the procedures for probate and tax-related purposes.
When you’re an executor of the estate, the probate attorney will be there to guide you through every step of the procedure:

  • Protecting Assets.
  • Creating inventory of estate assets.
  • Paying all the claims made by estate.
  • Making a distributions on beneficiaries.
  • Preparing a Tax Return.

Who is executor?

The term “executor” refers to someone designated by a will order to look after the estate during probate. If there isn’t a will, the court will select an executor. This person is accountable for executing the will of the deceased as laid out in the will.

Additionally, they are required to be in the best interest of the beneficiaries of the estate. We can set an action plan in cases where there is did not make any Will or when in doing this, errors were made when drafting an official document.

Tax planning is also possible by changing the provisions of a Will through the Deed of Variation, or an inheritance could be completely wiped out when it is not required or desired. Our professional team will guide you through the many options.

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How long does it take to complete probate?

The time needed to complete the probate procedure for an estate is based on many aspects, such as the amount of size as well as the complexity and whether there are any disputes between the heirs, and how speedily at which everything is resolved. The probate process can generally take up to a couple of months to a full year or more.

If you’re facing the death of a beloved one, it’s crucial to be aware of what probate means and what you can expect throughout the process. Be aware that in addition to being a legal method of dispersing an estate, probate can help ensure that every asset is recorded and paid for.


We can assist you in settling the issues you face and making a solid decision. Together, we’ll reach the best solution possible by looking at the options available and making suggestions. Each person or loved one is different. Cowlitz Law Group assures we will tailor our guidance and suggestions to your family’s specific needs.

We are offering a free initial consultation. Call us today to start working on your case.

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