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Zain Rashid

Chartered Accountant (CA)



Meet our Chartered Accountant (CA)

Financial Planning | Financial Operations

Zain Rashid, a meticulous and highly skilled Chartered Accountant, serves as the Accountant and Controller for our firm. With an impressive tenure that spans more than a decade, Zain has been instrumental in driving our financial strategy and ensuring meticulous compliance across various regulatory frameworks. His role is pivotal in maintaining the integrity of our financial operations.
Zain Rashid brings extensive experience and deep knowledge to our law firm as our Accountant. With a solid background in accounting and finance, Zain has improved the way we report, plan, and budget, helping us make the most of our financial resources. His expertise is crucial in managing our money matters, analyzing financial data, and setting up new financial systems.
Zain is a dynamic and well-organized professional known for managing complex financial tasks including auditing, budget planning, forecasting, and preparing financial reports. His experience in different sectors and countries gives him a broad view of finance that is especially valuable to our firm. He is skilled in using complex financial software systems like SAP S/4 Hana, Oracle Financials, and QuickBooks, which has helped us streamline our operations and maintain clear financial records.
More than just managing accounts, Zain is excellent at leading his team and creating a work environment that emphasizes tight financial control and help prevent instances of fraud. His proactive approach to financial planning and strategy makes him key to our firm’s ongoing success and stability.
At our firm, Zain ensures all financial activities are performed with the utmost accuracy and legality, protecting our clients’ interests and keeping our firm financially sound. His commitment to continually improving and adapting is essential in the fast-changing world of law.
Zain’s career is highlighted by notable successes, like the prestigious ICAP Professional Excellence Award he received for his work on a NASDAQ IPO project. His ability to handle complex financial statements involving different currencies and business types greatly benefits our clients by providing precise and trustworthy financial oversight.
We at Cowlitz Law Group are excited to have Zain with us. His outstanding skills and commitment to high ethical standards make him an incredibly valuable member of our team, enhancing our ability to serve our clients with top-notch financial expertise.


  • Pir Meh Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University
    – MBA in Management/Finance/Business
  • University of Sargodha
    – Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Statistics, Journalism


  • Liaise with external auditors and financial institutions.
  • Manage firm’s financial risks and investment strategies.
  • Develop strategies to maximize financial efficiency and profitability.

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