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Meet our Finance Manager

Financial Oversight | Strategic Planning

Yleinne Rodriguez serves as the Finance Manager at the Cowlitz Law Group, where she brings extensive expertise and leadership to the financial operations of the firm. Yleinne is instrumental in overseeing the firm’s financial department, ensuring that all financial transactions and processes align with company policies and legal requirements.

Yleinne leads with a focus on the efficient handling of client accounts while maintaining strict adherence to legal and procedural standards. She develops and implements strategic approaches to debt management, reducing peaks in debt portfolios and enhancing the firm’s financial stability. Yleinne’s keen analytical skills allow her to effectively review and evaluate delinquent accounts to determine the necessary actions in accordance with the firm’s policies.

Skilled in negotiation, Yleinne is responsible for creating payment plans, locating debtors, and negotiating debt payments and settlements. She excels in managing client escalations, ensuring resolutions are reached in a timely and satisfactory manner. Additionally, she collaborates closely with other departments to meet the firm’s financial goals and supports team members in high-stakes situations, stepping in to handle calls and escalations when needed.

Yleinne’s bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish greatly enhances her ability to manage a diverse client base, ensuring clear communication and fostering strong relationships. Her commitment to excellence and proactive approach in managing financial operations have been pivotal in driving the firm’s success and client satisfaction.




    • Universidad Acción Pro-Educación y Cultura
      – Marketing


    • Manage collections and compliance.
    • Develop debt management strategies.
    • Evaluate and act on delinquent accounts.
    • Negotiate payment plans and settlements.
    • Resolve client escalations promptly.
    • Collaborate on firm-wide financial goals.

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