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Taryn Higgins 

taryn higgins

Meet our Junior Paralegal &

Intake Specialist

Multitasking | Legal Research | Drafting Legal Documents

Taryn Higgins, a highly skilled and dedicated Paralegal with expertise in legal software and a meticulous approach to ensure smooth operations and efficient document management.

Taryn Taryn Higgins, a distinguished Paralegal, is an integral part of our team, blending her unique combination of keen intellect, deep legal acumen, and unwavering dedication to provide invaluable service. Taryn has a remarkable talent for meticulous attention to detail and organization, which enhances the efficiency of our firm’s operations, contributing to our reputation for excellence.

Having honed her expertise through years of hands-on experience, Taryn’s proficiency in navigating complex legal landscapes is a testament to her commitment and passion for the law. She is adept at managing, synthesizing, and organizing a wide array of legal documents, a skill that has proven vital in the demanding, fast-paced environment of our firm.

Taryn’s proficiency goes beyond traditional paralegal skills; she demonstrates an exceptional understanding and command of various legal software programs. Her ability to leverage these modern legal tools is critical in streamlining our operations and fostering communication, further bolstering our ability to serve our clients effectively.

Beyond her impressive technical abilities, Taryn excels in time management, efficiently balancing multiple tasks and responsibilities. Her talent for prioritization and scheduling ensures deadlines are met without compromising the quality of work. This characteristic, coupled with her resilience and commitment, makes her a paragon of efficiency.

Furthermore, Taryn’s unwavering dedication is visible in every task she undertakes, whether it be routine legal document preparation or intricate case research. Her commitment to the clients and to our firm is evident in the consistent quality of her work, playing a significant role in the positive outcomes we’ve been able to achieve.

In conclusion, Taryn Higgins is more than an employee; she is a stalwart pillar of our firm. Her unique blend of legal acumen, proficiency in modern tools, excellent time management skills, and unparalleled dedication not only amplifies our firm’s overall productivity but also contributes significantly to the favorable outcomes for our clients. She is indeed an invaluable asset and the embodiment of our firm’s commitment to exceptional service in the field of law.


  • North Thurston High School, Olympia (Diploma, 2022)
  • South Puget Sound Community College, Olympia
  • Pursuing Requirements for Early Childhood Education


  • Proficient in ASL (American Sign Language)


  • Legal Research
  • Electronic Filing
  • Drafting Legal Documents
  • Client Communication

Core Competencies


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