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Stefanie Leighter, Esq.

Managing Attorney – Oregon Chapter 



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Civil Litigation | Guardianship | Family Law

Atty. Stefanie Leighter is pioneering in legal excellence and strategic solutions as the Managing Attorney of our Oregon chapter.

Stefanie Leighter stands at the forefront of our Oregon chapter as the Managing Attorney, bringing a wealth of legal expertise and a dynamic approach to practice in both Oregon and Washington. Her licensure across Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, combined with her membership in the Christian Legal Society, underscores a professional journey dedicated to legal excellence and ethical practice.

With a rich background in estate planning, corporate affairs, and litigation, Stefanie’s career is distinguished by her adept handling of complex legal matters. Her expertise in estate planning is particularly notable, where she has excelled in managing comprehensive client portfolios, drafting key documents, and advising on wealth transfer strategies. Stefanie’s role has been critical in developing estate plans that meet intricate family dynamics and financial objectives, demonstrating her capacity to navigate the nuances of estate law with skill and sensitivity.

In addition to her specialization in estate planning, Stefanie has contributed significantly to the fields of corporate affairs and real estate, showcasing her versatility and keen analytical abilities. Her approach to legal practice is characterized by a strategic mindset and a commitment to building enduring client relationships, which has been instrumental in her professional achievements and client satisfaction.

Stefanie’s leadership extends beyond her legal practice to include entrepreneurial ventures, highlighting her business acumen and regulatory compliance expertise. This blend of legal and business experience positions her as a valuable asset to our team and our clients.

Her educational background, with a Juris Doctor from Lewis & Clark College and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from The Ohio State University, provides a solid foundation for her legal practice and her contributions to the firm.

At the helm of our Oregon chapter, Stefanie Leighter brings a proactive, solution-oriented approach to legal services. Her dedication to legal excellence, combined with her strategic vision and client-focused practice, makes her an integral part of our team and a key figure in the legal community.



  • University of California-Santa Cruz
    – Bachelor’s in Anthropology, 2012.
  • University of California-Santa Cruz
    – Bachelor’s in Psychology, 2012.


  • Washington State Bar Association, February 2018.
  • California Bar Association (retired CA Bar member Oct. 2016- May 2023).

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