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Marketing Manager

Social Media | Digital marketing | web development

Shehzad Pathan is a dedicated and astute Project Manager at the forefront of our firm’s ambitious new location construction. With a mastery in orchestrating intricate projects, Shehzad seamlessly marries visionary architectural designs with practical execution. His leadership ensures precision, innovation, and excellence at every construction phase, solidifying our firm’s position in the architectural vanguard of Vancouver.

Shehzad Pathan is a standout figure in the intricate tapestry of the construction industry. With an innate ability to bring ambitious architectural visions to life, Shehzad has been instrumental in shaping the skylines of Vancouver, Canada, since August 2020. As a Project Coordinator with Inland Glass and Aluminum, he has overseen some of the city’s most iconic projects. From the soaring heights of 1133 Melville—the tallest office building in Vancouver and a beacon of sustainable architecture as Canada’s first zero carbon building—to the avant-garde design of the Kaslo Plaza with its distinctive inward and outward sloped curtain walls, Shehzad’s mark on the city is indelible.

At the heart of Shehzad’s success lies a meticulous approach to scheduling and risk management. His expertise ensures that every construction phase unfolds seamlessly, from procuring long-lead items to the execution of trade workflows tailored to client specifications. This keen eye for detail extends to his review of shop drawings, where he harmoniously aligns the real-world construction process with predetermined IFCs and detailed specifications.

Outside of the tangible constructs, Shehzad’s prowess extends to project management’s more subtle yet crucial aspects. His knack for construction sequencing, quality assurance, and maintaining robust documentation are testaments to his comprehensive approach to the construction process.

But beyond his myriad skills and notable projects, Shehzad is recognized for forging meaningful relationships within the Lower Mainland regions, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and communication in an industry built upon collective endeavors. Shehzad Pathan is a pillar of innovation, dedication, and excellence in the ever-evolving construction landscape.


  • University of Sindh
    – BA.
  • Aptech Computer Education
    – Web Design & Development


  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Web Managment
  • Graphics Designing Tasks

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