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Meet our Communications Director

Customer Service | Administrative Support | Client Service

Motivated, engaging, and passionate. Sade is a seasoned professional with over 12 years of experience in customer service and administration.

Sade Johnson thrives in her role as a receptionist at our law firm, bringing a high level of teamwork and adaptability to her work. She quickly grasps new challenges, skillfully handling the pressures of tight deadlines and utilizing her robust communication skills to foster strong relationships with clients.

Sade’s previous experience as a Property Manager’s Virtual Assistant has equipped her with exceptional administrative abilities. These skills translate effectively to her current role, allowing her to manage a range of tasks such as fielding client inquiries, scheduling appointments, and coordinating internal communications. Her attention to detail and excellent organizational skills are key in maintaining a smooth workflow, consistently meeting deadlines, and enhancing client satisfaction.

In her prior role as a Virtual Legal and Client Service Assistant, Sade refined her skills in client relationship management, demonstrating professionalism and empathy in every interaction. As the initial contact for clients at our firm, she establishes a positive rapport, attentively listens to their needs, and addresses any concerns promptly. Sade’s commitment to trust-building and long-term partnerships is mirrored in her exceptional client satisfaction levels and propensity for encouraging repeat business.

Specializing in administrative support, Sade seamlessly handles a variety of tasks. She excels at scheduling appointments, coordinating calendars, and managing email correspondence. Her superior communication skills ensure clear and effective collaboration with both clients and our legal team, thereby guaranteeing timely task execution.

In conclusion, Sade’s customer service and administrative experience, coupled with her passion for relationship building, have proven invaluable to our law firm. She welcomes challenges, consistently strives for excellence, and delivers top-notch service, making her a crucial asset to our team and the service we provide our clients.


  • Certificate in Digital Marketing Strategy –  iCreate Institute – KIN, JA October 2021;
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Project Management Institute (PMI) March 2014;
  • Certificate in the Fundamentals of Project Management
    UTECH Academy – KIN, JA July 2013-September 2013
  • CAPE Diploma Herbert Morrison Technical –MBJ, JA September 2007-July 2009
  • High School Diploma – Montego Bay High – MBJ, JA
    September 2002-July 2007


  • Customer Service
  • Relationship Building
  • Administrative Support
  • Task Management
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Client Service

Core Competencies


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