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Meet our Supervising Senior Paralegal

Family Law | Civil Litigation

Introducing Patricia Cagle: A Dedicated Paralegal, who specializes in Family Law and Civil Litigation, passionate about Client Advocacy and maintaining high standards of legal service.

Patricia Cagle, with her remarkable 23 years of experience in family law and civil litigation, is a distinguished senior paralegal known for her deep knowledge and specialization. Her journey spans across the complex court systems of multiple counties in Washington state, like King, Snohomish, Pierce, Thurston, and Kitsap Counties where she has adeptly handled a variety of challenging cases. This extensive experience has equipped her to efficiently manage diverse situations with a high degree of professionalism and skill.

Her expertise in family law is evidenced by her ability to navigate cases ranging from adoptions and dissolutions to complex parentage actions and intricate custody and financial matters. Patricia’s communication skills and attention to detail have been pivotal in these areas, showcasing her broad legal acumen.

Academically, Patricia holds a Certificate in Paralegal Studies from Edmonds Community College and a Bachelor’s in English Literature from Seattle Pacific University. Her academic background and field experience have endowed her with a broad set of skills. These include legal drafting, case management, human resources, legal research, interviewing, and negotiation, all contributing to her well-rounded professional profile.

Adding to her professional persona, Patricia is also a dedicated football fan, with a particular passion for the Seattle Seahawks. Her love for the sport complements her professional life, presenting her as not only an accomplished paralegal but also an individual with diverse and relatable interests.



  • Washington State University, Pullman, WA
    – Extensive courses in the field of Business Office Administration.
  • Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA
    – Bachelor’s in English Literature.
  • Edmonds Community College, Seattle, WA
    – Certificate in Paralegal Studies.

Certificates and Licenses

  • Paralegal Certificate From Edmonds Community College.

Core Competencies


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