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Paridhi brings over a decade of legal expertise, especially in estate and family law, to her role as Virtual Office Manager at The Cowlitz Law Group. She holds a law degree from India and is licensed to practice there.

Paridhi is the invaluable Virtual Office Manager at The Cowlitz Law Group, bringing with her an unparalleled attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to the legal profession. In her role, she is instrumental in shaping the operational dynamics and managing virtual workspaces, ensuring seamless collaboration across the firm’s geographically diverse teams.

Paridhi excels in managing the delicate balance of internal team coordination and external client relations. Internally, her focus on fostering a productive and harmonious virtual work environment is key to the firm’s efficiency. Externally, she is adept at nurturing strong client relationships, skillfully aligning the firm’s services with their specific needs to build trust and lasting partnerships. Her relentless work ethic and dedication have made her a cornerstone in the firm’s operations.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Paridhi indulges in her love for gourmet cooking, revealing her appreciation for the culinary arts. Her commitment to animal welfare is evident in her volunteer work with programs aiding stray animals, reflecting her compassionate nature. At home, her two pet cats offer her companionship and relaxation from her demanding legal role.

As the Virtual Office Manager, Paridhi’s role at The Cowlitz Law Group is multi-faceted, marrying her legal prowess with her people skills, making her not just an indispensable team member but a reliable ally for the firm’s clients. Her personal passions only add to her well-rounded personality, bringing a unique dimension to her professional persona.



  • Pune University
    – Bachelor of Socio-Legal Sciences plus Bachelor of Law (2013).
  • Licensed Law Practitioner in India


  • Primary point of contact between clients and attorneys.
  • Addressing client inquiries and concerns.
  • Conducting comprehensive legal research.
  • Efficiently managing tasks, appointments, and deadlines.

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