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Meet our Case Manager

Legal Research | Drafting Legal Documents | Client Communication

Paridhi has a law degree from India and is licensed to practice law in India. With over six years of experience in the legal field, she is well versed in estate and family law.

Paridhi supports the firm by communicating and coordinating with clients and acting as a liaison between attorneys and the clients at the firm. Her role in the firm includes assisting attorneys during trials, preparing trial notes, attending court or administrative hearings and trials with the attorneys, case preparation, performing legal research, drafting legal pleadings and other legal documents, and drafting the firm’s correspondence to clients.

Paridhi likes to pursue her interest in Gourmet Cooking in her spare time. She loves spending time with her two Pet Cats. She is also a part of the volunteer program for rescuing and providing food and shelter to Stray Animals across her country India.


  • Pune University, Pune, India
    Bachelor of Socio-Legal Sciences plus Bachelor of Law
  • Licensed Law Practitioner in India


  • Client Communication and Correspondence
  • Preparation of trial notes
  • Attending court or administrative hearings

Major Areas Of Expertise


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