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Meet our Senior Paralegal

Family Law | Civil Litigation

Manna McIntosh is a seasoned Senior Paralegal at Cowlitz Law Group with over 18 years of expertise in Family Law and estate planning. Manna combines her vast legal proficiency with a passion for artistic expression, often finding solace in painting and writing.

Hailing originally from the sunny shores of Florida, Manna McIntosh has woven her life’s tapestry in the Pacific Northwest for over two decades. Armed with an Honors degree in Administration with a Legal Emphasis from the esteemed Columbia Basin College, she has carved a niche for herself in the world of law.

Manna brings an impressive 18-year tenure as a family law paralegal to the team, adding immense depth and specialization in matters of Family Law, Probate, and Estate Planning. Her vast experience also extends to meticulously crafting estate planning documents, ensuring her clients are always in safe, knowledgeable hands. Furthermore, her role as a primary contact for complex trial litigation cases showcases her vast competence and leadership. Throughout her career, she’s displayed an extraordinary aptitude for detail, organization, and legal administration.

Beyond the legal corridors, Manna’s creativity flows through her paintbrush and the tip of her pen. An avid painter and writer, she relishes moments of artistic expression. However, her commitment to her profession and community doesn’t end there. She’s an active member of the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce and the esteemed Phi Theta Kappa society. Continuous professional development, including training in areas like Law Office Management, Human Resources, and Project Management, underscores her dedication to her craft.

Cowlitz Law Group takes immense pride in Manna’s dedication, knowledge, and the passion she infuses into every case. When not engrossed in legal intricacies, Manna is an enthusiastic reader, supporter of local community events, and a believer in lifelong learning. Yet amidst her professional accomplishments, she deeply cherishes moments spent with loved ones, especially in the delightful company of her treasured chihuahuas. Manna stands as not only an invaluable asset to the firm but also as a beacon of commitment and diligence for all her peers.


    • Columbia Basin College, Pasco, WA
      – (AAS) Administrative Legal Assistant with Honors (3.72 GPA)
      – Mississippi Job Corps Center, Crystal Springs, MS.
      – High School Diploma.
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  • Oversee client case progression.
  • Draft, review, and edit legal documents.
  • Legal research in Family Law, Probate, and Estate Planning.
  • Collaborate with attorneys for case strategy.

Core Competencies


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