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Meet our Paralegal

Family Law | Civil Litigation

Manna McIntosh is a seasoned Senior Paralegal at Cowlitz Law Group with over 18 years of expertise in Family Law and estate planning. Manna combines her vast legal proficiency with a passion for artistic expression, often finding solace in painting and writing.

Macquiva Bermudez-Vega brings a rich tapestry of legal experience to Cowlitz Law Group as a seasoned paralegal. With a strong foundation in landlord-tenant law, real estate transactions, and legal education, she has a unique ability to navigate complex case details with precision and clarity. Macquiva also possesses invaluable experience in family law, making her a pivotal asset to clients who are in need of compassionate and dedicated support in this sensitive area of practice.

Her previous roles in mediation, community outreach, and case management have honed her skills in conflict resolution and client relations. Fluent in Spanish, Macquiva ensures our diverse clientele feels heard and understood, no matter their linguistic background. Her exemplary communication capabilities are further elevated by her Bachelor’s degree in English, focusing on Communications and Public Speaking, from City University of New York at Staten Island.

At Cowlitz Law Group, Macquiva’s multifaceted legal background equips her to offer our clients a holistic and informed approach to their cases. We are proud to have her as a vital member of our dedicated team.


    • Syracuse University College of Law
      – Juris Doctor.
      – Bachelor of Arts in English:
Concentration: Communications/Public Speaking.
      – High School Diploma.
    • City University of New York at Staten Island
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  • Prepare, scrutinize, and revise legal documentation related to family law.
  • Manage the progression of family law cases with effective communication.
  • Undertake focused legal research in Family Law statutes and regulations.
  • Devise case strategies, utilizing bilingual Spanish skills as needed.

Core Competencies


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