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Meet our Paralegal

Family Law

Leslie is a master paralegal with an unmatched ability to drive legal excellence through operational efficiency. Her dedication to client service and unparalleled expertise in legal document preparation positions her as an essential asset to both attorneys and clients.

Leslie Salakory is an accomplished paralegal with a rich tapestry of professional experience, ensuring that our attorneys are well-prepared, organized, and efficient in their practice. She weaves together her in-depth legal knowledge and administrative prowess to drive excellence in every facet of the organization.

Key to Leslie’s success is her ability to create and implement rigorous administrative processes, ensuring meticulous attention to detail in everything from calendaring to client communication. Her dedication to operational efficiency is evident in her proactive approach to refining daily operations, constantly seeking avenues to streamline communications, record-keeping, and data entry.

She is adept at managing high volumes of information, creating and overseeing databases that record vital client data. Furthermore, she stands as a bridge, ensuring smooth communication between attorneys, clients, and opposing parties.

Having a knack for wearing multiple hats, Leslie’s responsibilities extend to various office management duties, such as filing, ordering supplies, and organizing equipment. Not one to shy away from a challenge, she consistently volunteers for special projects and ensures their timely completion aligning with the firm’s objectives.

Leslie’s commitment to client service shines through as she builds and maintains stellar client relationships. She is quick to respond to inquiries and has a reputation for going the extra mile to accommodate even the most unique requests.

On the legal front, Leslie’s acumen in preparing legal documents is unparalleled. From drafting briefs, motions, and pleadings to reviewing them for accuracy and precision, she ensures that every document reflects the highest standards of the profession. Her collaborations with attorneys have resulted in well-researched strategies for each case, ensuring clients receive accurate advice. Her research prowess extends to monitoring changes in laws and regulations, ensuring that the firm remains compliant and ahead of the curve.

An asset in the courtroom, Leslie has been instrumental in assisting attorneys with trials by organising exhibits and ensuring that witnesses are primed for testimonies. She has also played a pivotal role in drafting settlement proposals, keeping clients’ best interests at heart.

Leslie’s dedication to her craft, coupled with her exceptional organisational skills, has made her an indispensable asset to the legal community. Her professional journey showcases a paralegal who continually strives for excellence, ensuring that our attorneys are poised for success.


  • Portland Community College
    – Associate’s Level Coursework And Credits, Paralegal Studies.
  • Hudson’s Bay High School
    – GED.
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Certificates and Licenses

  • Paralegal Certificate From Edmunds Community College.

Core Competencies


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