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Family Law | Civil Litigation

Isabela is a multilingual paralegal with a specialty in probate and family law, combining her proficiency in English, Portuguese, and French with a strong background in legal support, case management, and client relations.

Isabela C. Ronald is a highly competent legal professional specializing in probate and family law, offering a robust background in legal support, case management, and client relations. With her native proficiency in English, fluency in Portuguese, and intermediate French skills, Isabela brings a unique multicultural perspective to her practice.

In her recent roles, Isabela honed her expertise in the legal field, where she meticulously assisted in family law matters, probate cases, estate planning, TEDRAs (Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Acts), and guardianship law. Her responsibilities included comprehensive case management, detailed legal research, schedule management, and the drafting and e-filing of legal documents. Isabela’s adeptness in assembling court notebooks for hearings and trials, coupled with her management of discovery requests and production, underscores her thorough approach and her commitment to due diligence.

An astute communicator, Isabela managed firm communications with aplomb, deftly handling correspondence, phone calls, and client interactions with professionalism and empathy. Her experience as an assistant bookkeeper and notary further illustrates her versatility, showcasing her capability to maintain meticulous financial records, manage office expenses, and keep transparent transaction records between clients’ accounts.

Isabela’s educational credentials include a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Political Science with minors in French & Francophone Studies, augmented by a Certification in Paralegal Studies from the University of Washington. Her academic prowess, combined with practical experience, makes her a valuable asset to any legal team dealing with probate and family law cases.

As a legal assistant, Isabela’s organizational skills, attention to detail, and computer savviness ensure that all administrative and procedural aspects of legal work are handled efficiently and effectively. Her good-natured enthusiasm and self-motivation contribute to a positive work environment and seamless teamwork.

Isabela’s ability to foster strong relationships, mediate conflicts, and her leadership experience as the founder of a pre-law society and as a senator in the Coe College Student Senate, have equipped her with an exceptional set of skills suited to the dynamics of family law and probate work. Her dedication to creating supportive communities and improving campus life is reflective of her commitment to service and excellence in her professional endeavors.


    • University of Washington
      – Certification in Paralegal Studies.
    • Coe College Cedar Rapids, IA
      – Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Political Science.
      – Minor in French & Francophone Studies.
    • Sookmyung Women’s University Seoul, South Korea
      – Study Abroad Program.
    • Middlebury Language School of French Middlebury, VT
      – French Immersion Program.

Certificates & Licenses

  • Certified Paralegal | University of Washington | August 2020.
  • Notary Public | State of Washington.

Core Competencies


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