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Meet our Concierge Service, led by the diligent Hannah Hamdy. Her commendable professionalism and keen attention to detail ensure our service is an invaluable resource in your legal endeavor.

Cowlitz Law Group is delighted to introduce Hannah Hamdy, our Online Concierge, whose exceptional blend of professional acumen and personal dedication ensures that every client receives top-tier service and support.

Hannah is a proficient communicator fluent in Arabic and English, with elementary proficiency in French. Her career is distinguished by significant experience in customer service, transaction management, and a demonstrated excellence in facilitating smooth and efficient processes for clients and stakeholders alike.

In her role prior to joining Cowlitz Law Group, Hannah excelled in coordinating complex transactions, preparing essential documents, and serving as the primary liaison among diverse parties to ensure seamless operations. Her professional journey has been characterized by a steadfast commitment to achieving customer satisfaction, enhancing sales opportunities, and delivering professional support across various channels.

Hannah’s key skills include exceptional communication, superior customer service, and the ability to engage effectively with a diverse clientele. She is adept at multitasking, prioritizing tasks, and managing her time efficiently, making her a valuable asset to our team and the clients we serve.

Beyond her professional life, Hannah is committed to cultural and social engagement, as demonstrated by her active participation in volunteer work within her community. This commitment to service and her broad skill set underpin her role at Cowlitz Law Group, where she strives to exceed client expectations and contribute to the firm’s ethos of excellence and accessibility.

As our Online Concierge, Hannah leverages her comprehensive market knowledge, critical thinking, and technical skills to address our clients’ needs promptly and effectively. She is dedicated to providing the highest level of concierge service, ensuring that every interaction adds value and fosters trust.

Hannah’s interests extend to exploring diverse cultures, learning new languages, and engaging in community service, reflecting her dynamic and inclusive approach to both her professional and personal life.

Hannah’s dedication, expertise, and passion for service excellence play a crucial role in our mission to deliver unmatched legal and concierge services to our clients.



  • South Puget Sound Community College
    – Associate in Business.

Certificates & Licenses

  • Concierge.
  • Personal assistance.

Core Competencies


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