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Dharmasiri wannigamage


Meet our Head of Audit

Accounting | Audit

Dharmasiri brings over 14 years of progressive experience as a fully-qualified Chartered Accountant, combined with diverse managerial expertise in the Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Construction, Import & Distribution, Tourism, and Manufacturing sectors.

Dharmasiri Wannigamage, commonly referred to as Wan, is a distinguished Chartered Accountant with over 14 years of comprehensive experience spanning various sectors. His expertise has been pivotal to the success of our law firm, where he serves as the Auditor. Wan adeptly combines his profound knowledge with exemplary managerial acumen, ensuring our financial documentation is characterized by exceptional accuracy and transparency.

His leadership qualities, coupled with his proficiency in executing tasks independently, are extraordinary. Wan is celebrated for his open and professional demeanor, significantly enhancing internal communications. His ability to navigate the complex and fast-paced environment of a law firm is remarkable, consistently guaranteeing financial compliance and operational effectiveness.

A critical aspect of Wan’s role is his meticulous supervision of daily trust account reconciliations and the attorney billing process. He conducts comprehensive audits across all departments, exemplifying precision in every facet. His vigilance in overseeing billing practices is instrumental in fostering fairness and avoiding any instances of overcharging. This rigorous attention to detail is a testament to his dedication to maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Wan’s contribution to our firm transcends his professional responsibilities; he represents the epitome of integrity and professionalism. His presence ensures that every financial transaction is approached with the utmost seriousness and meticulous attention. Wan stands as the cornerstone of our firm’s financial integrity, offering a rare combination of experience, adaptability, and unwavering proficiency.



  • University of London
    – Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (Current).
  • University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka
    – BSc Business Administration Special Degree (2008).
  • Post Graduate Institute of Management, Sri Lanka
    – Master of Business Administration (2019).

Major Areas of Expertise

  • Financial Planning & Strategy.
  • Corporate Tax Planning.
  • Financial Statement Preparation.


  • Conducting audits ensuring compliance with financial regulation.
  • Providing expert insight on financial planning.
  • Strategy and tax planning.
  • Financial statement preparation.
  • Maintaining the integrity and accuracy of our clients’ financial records.

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