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Meet our Paralegal

Christa’s extensive knowledge and expertise greatly contribute to the Cowlitz Law Group, particularly in the field of family law. Her dedication to providing top-notch paralegal services reflects her commitment to excellence.

Christa Bradbury is an accomplished paralegal at The Cowlitz Law Group with over 13 years of specialized experience in Civil Litigation, Family Law Litigation, Contracts, Bankruptcy Law, and Wills and Estate Planning. Her expertise is characterized by proactive and independent management of complex legal cases, which has consistently fostered trust and reliability between clients and attorneys.

Having managed and supervised legal case files across multiple law offices, Christa’s role as a Senior Paralegal was pivotal in maintaining high standards of case management, especially in family law. She is adept at handling high volumes of cases, supervising secondary paralegal case files for accuracy, and engaging with clients to ensure transparent communication. Her previous positions also included responsibilities as a Lead Paralegal and Office Manager, where she directed case assignments, provided extensive litigation support, and managed the onboarding and training of new hires.

Christa’s skills extend to managing client schedules, calendaring court deadlines, and supporting various stages of litigation, including mediations and trial preparations. She is proficient with a wide array of legal software such as Pacer, ECF, Linx, Odyssey, and iCourt, and has extensive experience with legal databases like ProLaw, Westlaw, and LexisNexis. Her ability to conduct thorough interviews, prepare discovery, and effectively multitask under tight deadlines highlights her capability to adapt and thrive in dynamic legal settings.

Christa holds a BA in Organizational Sciences from the University of Idaho, an AAS in Paralegal Studies from North Idaho College, and an AA in Business Administration. She is also a registered Senior Paralegal with the Spokane County Bar Association, a Guardian Ad Litem in Montana, and a certified Notary Public in Idaho, Washington, and Montana. Her well-rounded education and certifications complement her professional experience, making her a valuable asset to our team at the Cowlitz Law Group.



  • BA in Organizational Sciences, University of Idaho (2013)
  • AAS in Paralegal Studies, North Idaho College (2011)
  • AA in Business Administration, North Idaho College (2009)

Certificates and Licenses

  • Registered Senior Paralegal, Spokane County Bar Association (2024)
  • Guardian Ad Litem, Montana (2022)
  • Notary Public in Idaho, Washington, Montana (2020)

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