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Meet our Executive Assistant

Legal Research | Drafting Legal Documents | Client Communication

Angela Jarosz has a legal acumen with administrative prowess, driving both operational excellence and unwavering dedication to client-centricity.

Angela Jarosz stands as a testament to what a blend of dedication and skill can bring to the realm of legal support. As the Executive Assistant, she seamlessly integrates a profound understanding of legal nuances with her role’s administrative demands, balancing the need for precision with the imperative of efficiency.

With a stellar track record in drafting, filing, and reviewing pivotal legal documents, Angela has cemented herself as a vital asset in our firm’s drive towards legal excellence. Beyond her extensive expertise in the legal realm, she demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the firm’s day-to-day operations. Her meticulous approach is evident as she navigates a bustling calendar, ensuring that the Managing Partner’s duties run seamlessly and that every court paper, correspondence, and legal proceeding is organized to perfection.

In an era dominated by digital communication, Angela’s adeptness shines bright. She has been instrumental in improving our client communication response times, embodying our firm’s commitment to client-centricity. Beyond her stellar administrative skills, Angela’s support to the broader legal team is commendable. Her responsibilities span from scheduling meetings and Zoom calls to orchestrating the intricate details of depositions and hearings.

Angela’s dedication doesn’t stop at administrative excellence. She delves deep into tasks such as case loading and client management, and her proactive nature ensures that our daily operations are always a step ahead. A natural consultant, her insights are continually sharpened by her dedication to staying updated on legal precedents and developments.

In Angela, we don’t just see an executive assistant. She embodies the spirit of our firm, ensuring transparency, operational excellence, and a never-ending drive for growth. Her role working with the Managing Partner not only streamlines our top-tier operations but also cements the ethos of our firm in every task she undertakes.


  • Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland
    – Master of Law.
  • Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary
    – Master of Law.
  • Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
    – Business Administration.
  • Summer Law School ELSA, Poznan, Poland
    – Intellectual Property Law.


  • Proficient in drafting, filing, and reviewing crucial legal documents.
  • Manages a bustling calendar with precision.
  • Organizes and maintains electronic client case files.
  • Acts as the key contact point for clients, ensuring clarity and promptness.
  • Seamless scheduling of meetings, Zoom calls, depositions, and hearings.
  • Posts daily case schedules and keeps daily operations in check.
  • Adept at case loading, client management, and transcribing attorney dictation.

Core Competencies


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