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Alexis Jacobs is a seasoned Paralegal at Cowlitz Law Group, specializing in family law. Her expertise, combined with a strong commitment to client advocacy and ethical practice, makes her a pivotal member of the legal team.

With a passion for family law and a commitment to excellence, Alexis Jacobs is a distinguished Senior Paralegal at Cowlitz Law Group. Her expertise and dedication have made her a valuable asset to our team and a trusted ally to our clients.

Alexis brings to Cowlitz Law Group a profound understanding and extensive experience in family law. Her career is marked by significant achievements in handling complex family law cases, where she has demonstrated her ability to navigate the sensitive and multifaceted nature of these matters with compassion and professionalism.

Her expertise encompasses all facets of family law, including divorce proceedings, child custody battles, spousal support, and property division. Alexis is adept at drafting key legal documents, managing case files, and conducting detailed legal research. Her skills in preparing trial exhibits and visual aids have been pivotal in numerous family law cases, ensuring that our clients’ stories are told effectively and empathetically in the courtroom.

At Cowlitz Law Group, Alexis plays a crucial role in our Family Law practice. She works closely with our attorneys to provide comprehensive support from the initial client intake through to the end of our representation. Her responsibilities include interviewing clients, gathering and analyzing case-related information, and ensuring that all legal procedures are followed meticulously.

Alexis’s approach to client interaction is rooted in empathy and understanding. She recognizes the emotional challenges that come with family law matters and strives to make the legal process as smooth and stress-free as possible for our clients. Her ability to establish rapport with clients and her keen attention to detail make her an invaluable liaison between clients and attorneys.



  • University of Phoenix
    – Bachelor of Science in Business Management (2019 – 2023).
    – Associate of Science in Business (2019 – 2021).


  • Leadership
  • Legal Research
  • Legal Drafting
  • Negotiation
  • Research
  • Transcription
  • Case Management

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