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Wills, Trust, Estate Planning & Probate

Wills and Trusts are essential tools of Estate Planning that can help ensure your assets are protected and bequeathed to your heirs. Therefore, it becomes inevitable for someone not to consider these tools for their own future well-being and to avoid any further repercussions.

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Why considering an Estate Plan is important?

Considering an Estate plan is not just about whether or not you are wealthy but, it’s more about ensuring your hard-earned assets are protected and go to the people you love or to the communities/organizations that you care about.

An Estate Plan enables a person to be legally covered with all the problems that one’s family or loved ones might face after the death of their own. These are important legal documents that explain how you want your assets divided and prepare a comprehensive plan for yourself.

Consequently, when it comes to preparing Wills, Trusts, or Estate Planning documents and more, it is crucial to approach a qualified and experienced legal expert. The Cowlitz Law Group PLLC has been serving in this field for a while, assisting our clients with excellent legal advice on property, asset protection and preservation. As well as helping them avoid unnecessary costs and taxes. Our approach is practical and systematic that helps the clients to know their case better.


A legal document wherein it states all the details of how you want your affairs handled and assets distributed after your death. This legal document is in accordance with the state law whilst drafted and executed by a qualified attorney. The most common type of Will is a Testamentary Will, while others include Holographic Wills, Oral Wills, and Pour-Over Wills. In many instances, Pour-Over Wills are in conjunction with Trusts to avoid the Probate process.


This legal relationship between a trustor, the asset owner, and the trustee ensures the distribution of such assets to your heirs. Trusts contribute to controlling your wealth, protecting your legacy, granting privacy, and saving costs as they avoid probate, reducing court fees and taxes in the process. Your beneficiaries will also get access to the assets more quickly.

When Estate Planning, you may want to choose the right trust arrangement based on your particular situation. An expert attorney at Cowlitz Law Group can guide you through this process.

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Estate Planning Attorney

If the decedent dies without an Estate Plan, it’s most likely that the assets and belongings will be distributed according to the laws of the State. The Probate Court may distribute the person’s property to people whom they have not wished or chosen as their heirs. To avoid this, the Cowlitz Law Group Estate Planning Attorneys will help you to draft, execute and navigate your Estate Plans in accordance with your needs.

Probate and Estate Planning

Our firm handles both complex and simple cases for Probate and Administration. Many disputes arise regarding the Estate Planning. Concerning heirs and beneficiaries, the matters can be challenging, because there is always an emotional element involved with the process. With our attorney’s experience in transactional and litigation work, it helps our clients to resolve the matters with a high-quality service, considering the emotional and legal complexity that comes with it.

Our clients range from various generations like business owners and private individuals. Our firm knows the situations faced in this domain are challenging and our highly trained attorneys will help you mitigate the risks, navigate your plans, and set out comprehensive directives. If your estate is subject to tax issues or you are looking for legal advice on Estate Planning, our firm we’ll help you develop a plan that will benefit you and your loved ones. Our attorney will discuss the actual costs and benefits of various methods of planning your estate, so you can understand which option to choose that will best suit you.

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