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Real Estate
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Real Estate

Our team of lawyers provides expert Legal Services with different aspects of a real estate transaction, along with asset classes – commercial office buildings, retail shopping centers, other retail leasing, industrial development and properties, and multi-family and certain other residential properties. With our vast experience, we cover all related fields of real estate.

Purchase And Sales

Real estate transactions most commonly involve sale and purchase transactions, which includes dispositions, purchase options, and acquisitions of developed as well as undeveloped properties. The law firm represents both purchasers and sellers in their relevant transactions. The feasibility reports and the consequent execution of required action regarding mixed use projects, shopping malls, and other dwellings are conducted under the supervision of our legal team.

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Commercial Leasing

From an investment point of view, clients lease out their properties. This is a technical procedure as the lease agreement may be for a factory, health care, data center, office, house, or any other fixed asset. Henceforth, compliance with regulations and legal safety of the client is a prime responsibility of the firm, which is fulfilled efficiently by our onboard legal team.

Other Real  Estate Services

Finance, Lending, and Capital Formation

Our representation is extended to different kinds of lenders. Lending at institutional as well as an individual level is managed by us. Loan restructuring, refinancing, development loans, bridge loans, and other kinds of real estate financing are reviewed by our firm. Debt financing, equity financing, raising capital, joint venture agreements, and financing of purchases and development projects are also work we handle.

Structuring And Tax Planning
Our law firm takes care of channeling the ownership of property. Formation of limited liability companies (LLC), partnerships (general and limited), and tenancy in common (TIC) agreements are some of the ways our structuring of legal work is carried out. Apart from this, application of tax law and redressal of tax issues, at the state level or local, are also in our hands. The tax issues with which we deal are disposition of property, 1031 Exchanges, real estate excise tax, tax audits, and any other tax-related matters.
Property Management
Property law is one of the most significant aspects of our legal practice. Property management involves a lot of technical work, like issues regarding tenants, risk management, property insurance and its recovery, tax planning, and other concerning issues. All are well managed by our esteemed team of lawyers.
Development – Land Use – Environmental

Real estate development is faced with various legal instructions with which one must abide. A broad range of land use, planning issues, permitting issues, zoning issues, and compliance with environmental and other regulations have been successfully catered by us. In addition, we deal with feasibility reports, drafting, and negotiating property-related elements, such as easements, covenants, boundaries, and other related agreements.

Design And Construction
Our firm’s experience in property is expansive in nature. Contractors, engineers, and architect involvement in procurement and building design is within our firm’s experience. Bids, tenders, performance bonds, claim prosecution, and defense against liens on a wide range of projects are also included in our job description.

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