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Asset Protection Planning
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What is Asset Protection?

Asset protection refers to the use of specific legal tools and methods to shield assets from seizure in judicial processes. Frequently used legal vehicles for this purpose include certain domestic and offshore trusts, limited liability companies (LLCs), and corporations. The strategies employed might encompass regulations such as the homestead exemption, tenancy by the entirety, and retirement asset exclusions. Assets that can be protected range from savings in a bank or investment account, to real estate, and intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Personal property may also cover household items, vehicles, business assets, and other valuable items.

When Should You Protect Your Wealth?

To protect your wealth from potential lawsuits, it’s important to take action as soon as you suspect or know that you may be sued. Ideally, asset protection planning should take place before any threats arise, but there are options available even after a lawsuit has been filed.

It’s best to implement these strategies in advance to avoid a fraudulent conveyance ruling, which is typically a civil matter. Asset protection is like financial insurance, and those who have the foresight to set up plans before a lawsuit strikes are more likely to have effective results. It’s important to gather all the necessary information to understand your options and take action promptly.

Different Types of Planning

Asset protection planning can have a broad range of applications. It starts with something as simple as having auto insurance and can also encompass a variety of legal tools and commercial organizations operating in both domestic and international jurisdictions. The options are determined by an individual’s protection needs, risk tolerance, and comfort level.

Below are the primary vehicles for estate and asset protection planning:

  • Trusts for asset protection.
  • Trusts for privacy (such as land trusts and title holding trusts).
  • Corporations with limited liability (LLCs).
  • Overseas corporations and limited liability companies.
  • Equity appropriation.

What is the Greatest Strategy to Safeguard Assets?

1. Land trusts for ownership privacy.

2. LLCs are used to preserve assets and avoid lawsuits.

3. Corporations are used to protect personal assets from business lawsuits.

4. Equity stripping encumbers and decreases the value of assets.

5. Offshore asset protection trusts are the best option to safeguard liquid assets.

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What is the Importance of Asset Protection?

Protecting your assets is very important. It helps you keep the things you’ve worked hard to earn. These assets provide you financial security and peace of mind. They allow you to take care of your basic needs and those of your loved ones. So, safeguarding your assets is essential. It provides comfort and stability for you and for those who depend on you financially.”

Why Seek the Services of an Asset Protection Lawyer?

  • Avoid probate and the headaches that come with estate taxes. A well-planned estate will help you avoid guardianship proceedings if you become disabled, as well as probate and estate taxes after your death. You and your loved ones will save money, time, and stress as a result of this.

  • Reduce your risk and insurance costs. You will always require insurance coverage, but when your assets are adequately safeguarded, you will require less.

  • If your insurance company declines your claim, there is no guarantee that your liability insurance provider will come through for you when you need them. They may use loopholes to avoid paying your claim. A strong asset protection strategy can be used in conjunction with liability insurance.

Knowing the finest asset protection measures to secure your assets will not help you alone. If you want financial security from the legal predators out there, you must actually set up and apply the correct legal tools. So, make your decision. Inform yourself. Then, use the asset protection techniques that are best for you. The Cowlitz Law Group provides a free 30-minute consultation. Call us at (360) 355-4465 or email us.

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