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Guardianship of your Adult Child

If your adult child has become incapable of caring for themselves or managing their financial affairs, perhaps they have a disability, they are experiencing a mental health crisis, or they have been involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital.

Whatever the reason, your primary goal is to ensure your loved one’s safety and well-being. As a legal guardian, you are responsible for making decisions on behalf of your loved one, including where they will live and what will be done to their health and financial affairs.

Your adult child could be aging and finding it difficult to care for themselves or manage their finances, whether due to a disability or other condition. Your child may be unable to meet their basic needs, unable to work or hold a job, pay their bills or even leave the house. I strongly recommend not making any major financial decisions on behalf of your adult child without first consulting a professional.

6 Steps to Apply for Guardianship of Your Adult Child

  1. Try to obtain legal assistance.

The Cowlitz Law Group can help you apply for guardianship. Our experienced attorneys can guide you through the process. A guardianship is a legal procedure created to protect an individual’s property and assets and to protect your loved ones.

Legal Assistance

  1. Obtain the appropriate legal forms.

You will need to provide information about your child and the reasons for the guardianship. We will help you understand the requirements. The attorney will prepare the paperwork for guardianship application.

  1. File the forms with the courthouse.

Our attorneys will file the forms with the court. The forms will be filed in the appropriate court and it will then notify the attorney of the guardianship application.

For example, a guardianship is granted only if your adult child is incapacitated.

  1. Record the hearing date you obtain once the petition for guardianship is filed.

The court will schedule a hearing date for your child. You will be required to send a copy of the petition to your child and get a doctor’s evaluation of your child’s mental capacity. They will determine whether a guardianship is appropriate.

Court Hearing

  1. Research the laws and rules of your state.

Review the guardianship laws with an attorney. It is recommended that you know your state’s guardianship laws. We can help you find answers to any questions you have.


  1. Show up to the court on time

Show up for the guardianship hearing on time. It is important to be prepared. The attorney will be the one to bring the forms and a copy of the petition. Prepare for the hearing. You should be familiar with the laws and rules of your state. We will do our best to help you understand the requirements.

If you need to learn more about guardianship, speak with an attorney. Please call us or book an appointment.

By: MarkAdmin

By: MarkAdmin

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